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Business ethics and integrity are more than a compliance program or certified crime prevention model
Corporate sustainability and long-term success reflect the governance and leadership of purposeful organizations

We are a boutique consulting firm dedicated to advising companies, institutions and organizations in the private and public sector, in the development of solutions to address their challenges of corporate governance, ethics & compliance, and sustainability, focused on the adoption of best practices and international standards, complemented by our proven practical experience.

We build solutions tailored to each case, taking into consideration internal and environmental variables, including the role of stakeholders and with an attentive look at future developments. We work as a team with our clients, their boards of directors, management and in-house teams, as well as their external advisors, in alliance with specialized expert firms in Chile and abroad, to provide the best service.

We evaluate, identify gaps, detect synergies to exploit, design and help implement responses, policies and procedures for better risk management and the strengthening of a culture of integrity. With this, we seek that our clients can build solid corporate governance and an empowered ethics & compliance area forming a single, integrated and effective body.

We firmly believe that a culture of integrity, with sincere support from the board of directors, not only allows organizations to significantly reduce their risks, improve their competitiveness and favor their future sustainability, but also creates value for the organization and its stakeholders, building a solid reputation.

Support organizations and their leaders with pragmatic, strategic and creative tools to face their governance, risk, ethics and compliance challenges
Establish long-term relationships with companies, leaders and people who share an expectation of growth based on ethical leadership, corporate purpose and the generation of shared value

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Héctor Lehuedé

Lawyer from the Universidad de Chile with a master's degree from Stanford University, specialized in corporate governance, business integrity and financial affairs. He has 25 years of experience in positions of high responsibility in leading entities of the private and public sector, in Chile and abroad ...

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Janessa Castillo

Lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) and MBA from IE Business School, she is a specialist in corporate governance and has more than 10 years of experience in public and private institutions ...

Martín Aylwin

Lawyer from Alberto Hurtado University and Master of Law's (LL.M) from University of Melbourne, Australia. He has Diplomas in Corporate Compliance, Antitrust Law, Environmental Management Instruments and Personal Data Protection...

External team

Depending on the needs of each case, our work is supported by a group of highly experienced external consultants with solid professional credentials, in Chile and abroad, who carry out their activities in a wide range of fields. We have alliances with experts and organizations to complement our skills and provide the best service.


We bring multinational knowledge and experience that gives us a strategic and practical perspective

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We work as a team with our clients, their Boards, managers, CECOs and CLOs, as well as their external advisers and relevant stakeholders

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Flexibility & innovation

Our services can be strategic or tactical, we adapt to specific requirements and our solutions are tailored to our client's needs

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Solutions that generate value

We identify synergies and efficiencies to minimize governance, ethics and compliance risks for organizations, turning risks into opportunities

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Optimal balance

Our solutions combine norms and values, rules and integrity culture, compliance with the law and doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do

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Corporate Governance

Review, design and implementation of corporate governance structures

Ethics & compliance

Diagnosis, design and implementation of ethics & compliance programs


Review and support in the incorporation of ESG criteria and strategies

Board evaluations

Advice for the evaluation of Board's performance

Executive education

Preparation, development and delivery of presentations and executive workshops

Data protection and intangibles

Advice on compliance with data and intangibles protection regulations

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